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Who are the Health Action Research Group? What do we do? What are our priorities – and why?

Here’s an opportunity to find out about: 


Our Team and Our Trustees 

There are around 30 of us, all voluntarily working to research and promote a preventative approach to health. Find out more about our team and our Trustees.


Our Partners 

We believe we can achieve more by working in partnership with other organisations. You can see which partners, including health charities and universities, we have been working with.


Our Priorities 

For us prevention is better than cure, our health shouldn’t be a postcode lottery and we need to encourage everyone who can (including government, businesses, employers and the NHS) to make healthy choices the easy choices for people. So what long-term priorities are we pursuing to achieve this? 


Recent projects 

Would you like to know more about our research into reducing childhood obesity, encouraging health at work, health behaviour change and reducing student mental ill health? If so, you can find out more about our recent projects.


Our approach to improving health 

Why do we believe that providing health information isn’t enough, that upstream initiatives are more effective and that there’s value in win win approaches? Why do we see talking about the social determinants of health as too simplistic, are we wary of medicalising human emotions and do we believe that health campaigns need a hearts and minds approach? You can find out more about our approach.



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