Resources available

Accrediting Bodies for Health and Wellbeing at Work

  • Corporate Health Standard (Wales)
  • Healthy Working Lives Award (Scotland)
  • IIP We Invest in Wellbeing 
  • London Healthy Workplace Charter
  • Workplace Wellbeing Charter

Employee Assistance Programmes

Some of the larger EAP providers in the UK, who are also registered members of the EAP Association, are:

  • AXA PPP Healthcare
  • Bupa Health & Wellbeing
  • Care First
  • Carecall Wellbeing
  • CiC
  • ComPsych
  • Health Assured
  • Insight Healthcare (formerly Oakdale)
  • The Validium Group
  • Workplace Options

Health Charities

Some health charities have developed expertise in supporting physical or mental health. These include:

Sector specific

Check if any support is available that is specific to your sector/area – like: