Our Partners

We believe that working in partnership with other organisations can help us achieve more, so: 

  • We’re a member of the Obesity Health Alliance - a coalition of over forty organisations who have joined together to fight obesity. 
  • We are also a member of the Inequalities in Health Alliancea coalition of organisations convened by the Royal College of Physicians, with an interest in improving the health of the UK and who have come together to campaign for a cross-government strategy to reduce health inequalities. 
  • We're a member of the Health Creation Alliance, which encourages local people and health professionals to work together as equal partners to create healthy communities. 
  • We’re a member of SMARTEN a national research network focusing on student mental health in higher education. 
  • We are currently working with King's College London, Ulster University and Greenwich University on research into student mental health.
  • We have also worked with King’s College London, Goldsmith’s University and Kingston University on research into health-behaviour change.