Action needed

Action by government

When should the government take action to protect the nation’s health? Should this include tackling childhood obesity, binge drinking and social inequality? Or should the government avoid taking a Nanny State approach?

Here's our assessment


Action by the food and drink industries

We know that regularly consuming food high in sugar, salt and saturated fat increases a range of health risks. As does heavy consumption of alcohol. What options are open to the food and drinks industries to ensure healthier products? Might this be good for business as well as public health?

Here's our verdict.


Action by employers

We usually spend a large part of our adult life at work. So might employers have a part to play in protecting our health? Might encouraging health at work be a win win for both employers and employees? If so, what action can employers take?

Here's our Employer’s Checklist.


Action by the NHS

The NHS Five Year Forward View says, The future health of millions of children, the sustainability of the NHS, and the economic prosperity of Britain all now depend on a radical upgrade in prevention and public health’.That’s very true. But how can this be achieved in practice?

You can see the questions we believe need to be answered.


Action by each of us

Making unhealthy choices doesn’t just increase our own health risks. It has big potential implications for those we love and for the sustainability of the NHS.

You can see here 17 practical tips for looking after our body, our mind and our relationships - all of which are important for our health.