Why volunteer with us

  • The chance to help make a real difference to health here in the UK.
  • A genuine challenge - how can we reverse the rise in avoidable physical and mental illness?
  • An opportunity to enhance your CV.
  • Volunteer from wherever is convenient for you, whenever suits you - while having the opportunity to meet other team members at meetings in central London.  

We’re a virtual voluntary organisation. So, we don’t need to spend large amounts of time fundraising to cover our overheads. We can commit all of our time and expertise to achieving our charitable objectives. This also means our volunteers have the opportunity to take on roles which are more interesting than is often the case in other organisations. 

We’ve found that modern technology, volunteer commitment and creativity mean we can operate effectively without needing to constantly fundraise.


How you can help

  • As a research team member, exploring how to reduce the risk of different types of physical or mental illness.
  • As a member of our social media team, finding and sharing material for our health posts – and following us on Twitter or Facebook.
  • As a blogger, influencer or campaigner.
  • As an Image Researcher and Curator.
  • As an adviser: for example, as a Campaigns Adviser, Health Promotion Adviser or Social Media Adviser.
  • As an Editor or Associate Editor, for our website or social media accounts.
  • As a project manager or administrator.

Do any of these opportunities interest you? If so and you have relevant qualifications, experience and skills we look forward to hearing from you – at info@healthactioncampaign.org.uk


What it’s like to volunteer with us 

At Health Action Campaign we can volunteer from home or wherever we’re based and work on a project we’re interested in as a member of an online team, but what surprised me was how quickly I felt part of the community. Now and then we meet up in person and it’s so inspiring to see the different backgrounds and skills people have, all coming together for a shared cause.’


Getting involved with HAC has not only allowed me to utilise the skills I’ve gained in my day job, but has also been an opportunity for me to gain new skills. I can also volunteer remotely from my home in the Mendips which means I can easily fit it around family and work life.’


I have found my role very beneficial in helping to keep up to date with the latest research and advances in public health and health prevention’.


The project is very well organized and the coordination is excellent. Meetings are well planned and effective. Tasks are distributed according to the interests of each member and everything runs very smoothly. At the end of each meeting I feel I have learnt something new and I feel better for it’.